IT apprenticeships: Higher Apprenticeships

  • Emma Finamore
  • Last updated 21 Jan 2019

Explore the Higher Apprenticeships available in IT, from information security to software, web and telecoms roles. 


There are many opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector at Higher Apprenticeship level. Here we’ve broken down some of the key roles and tasks you could do in information security Higher Apprenticeships and IT, software, web and telecoms professionals Higher Apprenticeships.

Information security Higher Apprenticeships

It’s becoming more important to protect the information of companies and consumers because so many industries like finance, retail and travel are online.

On a Higher Apprenticeship in information security you’ll gain qualifications and skills that enable you to effectively operate IT systems and develop your business and interpersonal skills, both vital to becoming an information security professional. You’ll be expected to work quickly, under pressure and to strict deadlines.

On these Level 4 information security apprenticeshipss you could train in roles like:

  • Junior ProMon or network engineer
  • Junior IA and cyber research scientist or engineer
  • Junior security engineer
  • Junior network security officer
  • Junior governance officer

IT, software, web and telecoms professionals Higher Apprenticeships

The IT industry develops computer solutions that help businesses and individuals become more successful in their work. IT professionals serve customers in all types of business. They could be developing software or websites, helping companies set up new systems, or training people to use their IT facilities.

As a Higher Apprentice you’ll have the choice of focusing on either telecoms or IT. Telecoms covers broadband, mobile phones and satellite communications; it’s a fast-moving sector so you should have a keen interest in new technology. You’ll learn about things like customer care, system security, managing software development and basic IT applications.

As a Higher Apprentice you could work as an IT project manager overseeing the development of customer systems to meet a client’s business needs, or you could work as a network or telecoms manager, managing network growth and development, and supervising technical staff.

You can train in roles like:

·       IT project manager

·       Analyst developer

·       IT service manager

·       IT security analyst

·       Network/telecoms manager

As with all apprenticeships, IT Higher Apprenticeships will involve a combination of paid work and assessed training, with a training provider such as a further education college, all while being paid a proper wage.


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