What is the equivalent of an Intermediate Apprenticeship?

  • Jack Collins
  • 30 Apr 2020

A huge part of any Intermediate Apprenticeship is the qualification you’ll work towards alongside your actual job. But what will the qualification you get at the end be equal to, and what does that mean for your career prospects? 

Time to step up

What level is an Intermediate Apprenticeship?

All Intermediate Apprenticeships will give you a Level 2 qualification. Simple as that really.

It’s not that simple! What does Level 2 actually mean?

Courses of every kind in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are allocated to one of nine qualification levels. The lowest being ‘Entry level’, the highest being Level 8.

GCSEs are the most common Level 2 qualifications. So if you complete an Intermediate Apprenticeship, you will get a Level 2 qualification which is equivalent to five GCSEs (grades 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 or grades A*, A, B, C).

Tell me some other Level 2 qualifications...

Here’s a list of all the Level 2 qualifications, including Intermediate Apprenticeship and GCSEs:

- GCSE - grades 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 or grades A*, A, B, C
- Intermediate apprenticeship
- Level 2 Award
- Level 2 Certificate
- Level 2 Diploma
- Level 2 ESOL
- Level 2 Essential skills
- Level 2 Functional skills
- Level 2 National Certificate
- Level 2 National Diploma
- Level 2 NVQ
- Music grades 4 and 5

What’s the next level up?

The next level up is an Advanced Apprenticeship. As you might expect, this is a Level 3 qualification. Find out more here

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