Intermediate Apprenticeships: what are the options?

  • Raphael Jucobin
  • 22 Jul 2020

If you’re looking to make your first steps in work to gain some early, hands-on experience in the field you’re interested in, intermediate apprenticeships are the ideal option! There are a range of different career options that can be pursued with an apprenticeship, each one developing its own tailor-made skillset to help you get a head start in the workplace. 

Which field will you make your first steps in?

What will I do during my apprenticeship?

As with the other levels of apprenticeship, you’ll be spending 80% of your programme at your place of work, with the remaining time dedicated to training towards a qualification that’s suited to the industry you’re working in. 

In addition, you’ll be studying to obtain a level 2 qualification in English and Maths in order to complete the apprenticeship. Overall, you will be spending thirty hours a week on your placement, which will take from 12-18 months to finish.

What kind of intermediate apprenticeships are out there?

According to government statistics, in 2018/19 there were about 144,000 apprenticeship starts at the intermediate level, so there are plenty of opportunities out there, whatever your field of interest! These can include placements in industries like retail, construction, and health services.

There are a wide range of practical positions in which you gain experience through an Intermediate Apprenticeship, with new opportunities constantly opening up. Here are a selection of potential positions:

-Care worker



-Travel agent

-Beauty therapist

-Trainee accountant

-Working in the retail sector

Whatever sector you’re most interested in, there will be no shortage of programmes. In 2018/19, 98,000 people started an apprenticeship in health, public services and care work, while the biggest field was business, administration and law with 119,000 starts.

How can I find an intermediate apprenticeship?

If you’re interested in getting a head start in the career you want to pursue with an intermediate apprenticeship, head over to the jobs section of our website to find the latest openings!

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