Marketing apprenticeships: what could I do?

  • Last updated 25 Sep 2018


Marketing is a creative industry but a big part of corporate business: it’s essential to commercial success. It is concerned with figuring out the needs and wants of people, developing products and services that meet that need and helping create a desire for what has been created. These things are important to business - so it's possible to make a career out of them!

Marketing apprentice: specialist areas

- Direct marketing communicating directly with the consumer via mailings, emails or telephone calls

- Market research, gathering and analysing information on customers, competitors and the market

- Public relations, the public image of a product or organisation.

Within an apprenticeship, the work will depend on your employer. However you are likely to be working as a marketing or market research assistant/executive or maybe in event management. You may learn how to create and execute a marketing plan for products/services; help manage budgets, distribution plans and carry out research.

As an advanced apprentice, you may be employed in a more senior marketing/market research role or be working in the areas of advertising or public relations.

There are two types of marketing apprenticeship:

Intermediate level apprenticeship

You could train in roles like:

- Event management assistant

- Junior marketing executive

- Market researcher

 Advanced Apprenticeship

You could train in roles like:

- Advertising account executive

- Marketing assistant

- Marketing co-ordinator

- Marketing officer

- Marketing manager

- Market research executive

- PR officer


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