What questions should I ask at a job interview?

  • Last updated 24 Sep 2018


At the end of a job interview, or one for a school leaver programme or apprenticeship, it’s likely you’ll be given the chance to put any questions you have to the interviewer. This can be tricky, but here are some tips to make sure you avoid an awkward silence and demonstrate your interest in the position.

Make sure to ask about the work itself, training and career development rather than holidays, pensions, and season ticket loans! Prepare questions in advance, and remember it’s totally acceptable to write these down and to refer to your notes, to remind yourself of what you wanted to ask. In fact, this just makes you look all the more prepared and therefore serious about the position.

Interview question examples

Here are a few ideas – use them to formulate two or three of your own questions tailored to your circumstances and the job:

- How often is performance appraised?

- How much scope is there to take on more responsibilities as the position progresses?

- Do you send employees on external training courses?

- Where would I be based - is this job function located only in one location?

- What is a typical career path in this position?

- Can you give me more details of your training programme?

- Will I be working in a team? If so, what is the make-up of these teams?

- How would you see this company developing over the next five years?

- How would you describe the atmosphere in this company?

- What is your personal experience of working for this organisation? 

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