Visit university: how to get the most out of open days

  • Last updated 09 Dec 2016


You’ve decided on the universities you want to investigate, but before putting them on your UCAS form it’s really worth visiting them during open days to get a proper idea of what you could expect if you were accepted there and ended up attending.

Open days: planning ahead

- Figure out the department that’s relevant to you and find it on a map

- Download a campus map to your smartphone or print one out

- Note where the uni is in relation to the town or city

- Make a loose schedule for the day, book or note down anything particular (eg talks, accommodation tours) you know you want to check out

- Note down any questions you need answers to, to ask staff or student representatives

On the day

- Attend at least one or two subject talks, sample lectures, taster sessions or department visits

- Take a tour of the campus, accommodation and SU venues

- Figure out the route from campus to the town/city itself, if possible walk it or take public transport, to see if it’s close enough for you

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