Which industries offer Intermediate Apprenticeships?

  • Emma Finamore
  • Last updated 14 May 2020

Check out the impressive range of industries that offer Intermediate Apprenticeships, as well as some of the roles and jobs that school leavers could access through an apprenticeship.


You can do Intermediate Apprenticeships in all sorts of areas and industries with all types of companies. On an Intermediate Apprenticeship, you’ll spend most of the time working for an employer and learning on-the-job, but you’ll also spend some time at a training institution or local college, gaining qualifications at Level 2. These will include a Level 2 Competence qualification, a Functional Skills qualification and a relevant knowledge-based qualification.

This is the same for all Intermediate Apprenticeships, but there is a wide range of industries and specialisms to choose from. On the government website (which lists every single official apprenticeship in the country) there are Intermediate Apprenticeship vacancies in the industries listed below.

Construction, Planning and the Built Environment: for example, civil engineering.

Leisure, Travel and Tourism: for example, exercise and fitness, or travel services.

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care:  for example, environmental conservation or horticulture.

Arts, Media and Publishing: for example, community arts or live events and promotion.

Business, Administration and Law: for example accounting, marketing, or financial services.

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies: for example, ceramics manufacturing or metal processing.

Retail and Commercial Enterprise: for example, fashion and textiles, or supply chain management.

Health, Public Services and Care: for example, community safety or housing.

Education and Training: supporting teaching and learning in schools.

Information and Communication Technology: IT application specialist and IT, software, web and telecoms.

After completing an Intermediate Apprenticeship, you might go on to do an Advanced Apprenticeship or secure a related job in the same industry.


Image courtesy of Benjamin Child. 

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