What’s in the Green Party Manifesto for School Leavers?

  • Last updated 15 Apr 2015

It’s not all just for tree-huggers and sandal-wearers you know.


They’ve gone from fringe to almost-mainstream in a matter of months, and their popularity is growing with young people. The party announced its manifesto yesterday, so what's on offer if you’re about to leave school and embark on a career or academic journey?

In terms of post-school education, the Greens want to scrap university tuition fees and invest £1.5bn extra a year in further education. They also oppose the privatisation of further education.

Those who are focussing on work straight after school, or who are interested in what their opportunities would be like after university or further education, might be interested in the Greens pledge to increase the National Minimum Wage to a living wage for all, of £10 per hour, by 2020.

Equality is the name of the game for this party, and they want to introduce a system in which the highest wage in any business is no more than ten times the lowest wage.

The party has also pledged to create one million well-paid new public sector jobs

For those of you who aren’t quite old enough to vote, it might be worth remembering for next time that the Greens also want to restore the education maintenance allowance for 16 and 17-year-olds.


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