Media Apprenticeships: What could I do?

  • Last updated 25 Sep 2018


Gone are the days when a job in the media meant a degree or family friends in high places (or both) – nowadays it’s totally achievable to get a cool, interesting and creative media job through the power of the apprenticeship!

Considering the ever-evolving nature of the industry, as well as the impact of the internet and technology on how organisations want to communicate with potential clients and customers, a career in the media is bound to be a fruitful one. And with journalism moving into the digital age, it's an exciting time to get into the sector. 

Here are a few examples of the types of apprenticeship on offer.

Advertising Apprenticeships

Combine business understanding and strategy with creativity and no dress code (who doesn’t secretly want to wear Converse and jeans to work?) with an advertising apprenticeship. You could be discussing legal compliance in the morning, business strategy at lunch and the best film director for an upcoming shoot in the afternoon. 

Responsibilities could include:

- Building good working relationships with clients

- Writing creative briefs

- Research for projects

- Proof reading creative material

Training could include:

- Diploma in Marketing and Communications (Advertising)

- Key ideas and theories in advertising and marketing communications

- Current industry practice

- Studying markets and target audiences

- Copy writing

- Online marketing and the use of social media

- Project management

- Print, digital and web design

Creative Services Apprenticeships

If you want a hands-on creative career then this could be the one for you. Instead of blue-sky thinking in the boardroom, you could be the one holding the camera, editing the footage, or drawing the animations.

Responsibilities could include:

- Liaising with internal departments on project status

- Managing the agency’s creative suppliers eg. printers and photographers

- Collecting reference material for creative development

Training could include:

- BTEC in Creative and Digital Media

- Preparing to Work in Creative Media (eg. relationship-building, sector knowledge)

- Broadcast journalism

- Radio production

- Photo editing

- Camera work

- 3D modelling

Journalism Apprenticeships

The world of journalism is (as you would imagine) a cut-throat and highly competitive one! Hard-nosed journos tend to respect hands on experience and proven interest in the field far more than academic achievement, so an apprenticeship really could set you way apart from the crowd, as well as giving you the practical tools – such as shorthand and news reporting skills – that most graduates will only start thinking about when they enter the job market.

Responsibilities could include:

- Researching news stories

- Writing leads and news stories

- Photo sourcing

- Reporting from events

Training could include:

- Advanced Apprenticeship in Journalism

- Diploma in Journalism Practice

- Shorthand

- Media law

- Public affairs

- Sub-editing

- Reporting and court reporting

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