Employers Making Further Efforts to Reel in Young Talent

  • 05 Aug 2014

Research shows that employers are mixing it up and utilising a wider range of methods to catch your attention as a top young potential recruit. They want you!


Just a few tasty statistics here for you from the CIPD’s ‘Employers: Learning to Work with Young People’ Report, which shows employers in the UK making more efforts to drum up the attention of young people in their opportunities and secure the top talent as early as they can.

The research shows:

  • Four out of ten respondents now offer work experience opportunities.
  • More than a third said they have increased their work experience provisions in the last 12 months.
  • The number of apprenticeship vacancies has doubled over the past few years to half a million; 14% of respondents plan to introduce them this year.
  • Nine out of ten respondent employers are now also using social media to reach the tech savvy generations.
  • 36% say they do not ask for any specific educational attainment levels for their entry-level roles.


Progress is being made! Though the CIPD have still called for more to be done to help reduce youth unemployment.

Katerina Rudiger, CIPD head of skills and policy campaign, said: “We would urge employers of all shapes and sizes to continue to play a leading role in turning today’s young people into tomorrow’s workforce, but we recognise that Government has a role to play too. That’s why, in the run up to the General Election 2015, the CIPD’s ‘Manifesto for Work’ calls on the Government to support opportunities that enable young people to succeed in the labour market, for example by facilitating higher quality careers guidance and creating more high-quality apprenticeships.”


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