Government Announces ‘Tech Levels’

  • 19 Dec 2013

2014 will see a new kind of vocational qualification which will sit at the same level as A-levels. Tech levels will be backed by some of the top businesses in England across a number of different industries.


There are 142 new tech levels in all, leading into sectors such as accounting, engineering, IT, construction and agriculture. The re-haul of vocational qualifications will attempt to improve students’ work skills and ensure they are really ready to take on an apprenticeship or full-time work at the next stage.

Tech levels will be taught in schools as of 2014. Each qualification will take two years to complete; so we’ll see the first tech level intake receive their awards in 2016.

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock said:  "For the first time young people will know which qualifications are backed by top employers and lead to better employment opportunities.

"Tech levels and Applied General Qualifications will give students the skills so vital to getting on in life, preparing them for employment, training and higher education."


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