Epic prom fails

  • Emma Finamore
  • Last updated 03 Aug 2015

Prom's supposed to be the best night of your school life, but we all know deep down that’s not true. Check out these cringe-inducing prom stories. 


Think your prom was bad? Here are some of our stories at the AllAboutSchoolLeavers office:

“My mum made me wear a cravat to my prom. Yeah, I didn't pull…”

“I made out with a guy in a photo booth at my Year 10 prom. My friends then went and showed the pictures to my mum and teachers. Oh the shame...”

“You know the classic ‘turning up in the same dress’ thing? Some girls in my year showed up wearing the exact same outfit. It was cringe worthy to see!”

“Someone I know puked into a girl’s mouth at prom. He denies it but his school friend saw it happen.”

“We had one girl arrive on a horse. A HORSE!? She left it tied up outside ”

 “I got alcohol banned from prom. And was driven home by the headmaster.”

“My mate really liked this girl but found out she had a boyfriend, and kicked the guy’s car in a fit of jealousy. The boyfriend then called all his MUCH bigger boy mates, who promptly turned up at the ball for a “chat”. Oops.”



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