Which school year to target


Different programmes will be relevant to different school years, as they will have varying entry requirements.

Year 11 (completing GCSEs)

  • Intermediate Apprenticeships
  • Advanced Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships

Year 13 (completing A-levels)

  • Further education courses
  • Higher Apprenticeships
  • School leaver programmes
  • Sponsored degrees

When to target students

Teachers are keen for employers to target students. AllAboutSchoolLeavers research shows that over 90% of teachers want employers to offer careers talks and workshops. They are also keen to hear about opportunities like work shadowing (over 88%) and days out of school/college at employers’ offices (over 79%).

Research also shows that most young people start thinking about their education and career options in the first quarter of the year: January (38.8%), February (23.4%) and March (21.7%) are the busiest months in terms of exploring options.

January is also a popular time for teachers to actively provide careers guidance to their pupils, but the busiest times for this are actually October and November.

It might therefore be a good approach for employers to reach out to teachers and relevant school years in autumn – to start discussions about what the business can offer the school and pupils – and to put plans into action, reaching pupils directly, during the first quarter of the following year.

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Which school year to target

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