What advice do Schools give about Apprenticeships?


Schools must secure independent guidance that includes information on the full range of education and training options, including apprenticeships and vocational pathways.

In good time before decision points, schools should ensure that pupils are informed about the options available, including: A-levels, advanced general qualifications, apprenticeships, employment combined with training, supported internships, tech levels and traineeships.

Post-18 this should include further education courses, higher apprenticeships and undergraduate degrees.

However, research from AllAboutSchoolLeavers shows that many teachers think they are ill equipped to provide their students with all the facts. In fact, 81.7% of teachers said they wish they knew more about the options available.  The research also found teachers had a significant knowledge gap in the details about apprenticeships.

So, apprentice employers should be proactive in approaching teachers to help them understand better the options for their students, and also promote apprentice positions.

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