What materials can employers offer schools?


Careers advisors and teachers are keen for apprentice and school leaver materials to help them inform and advise young people in schools.

Something as simple and economic as distributing posters is in demand: 79% of teachers/careers advisors want employers to distribute them.

Careers magazines and guides are also popular, with over 61% of teachers/careers advisors saying they want them.

However, while print materials are popular with teachers and careers advisor, young people are (predictably) leaning towards the web. Only 13% use newspapers and less than 10% use careers magazines to find information about post-school options.  A huge 81.5% use Google, and 58.7% use careers advice and job websites.

Parents – the biggest influencer on young people’s decisions – also prefer using the internet to research options compared to print, so employers should make sure they supply their website details to schools; these are far more valuable than print materials.

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