Which A-level Subjects Do I Need for a School Leaver Programme?

  • Last updated 09 Oct 2018


Entry requirements for schemes and courses are bound to be one of the first things that come to mind when you’re pondering your school leaver options. Which A-level subjects might you need for a school leaver programme, for instance? Now there’s a question!


If you’ve been considering the university option after school at any point and have done some research into it, you’re probably aware that some degrees state that you need to have achieved at least a set minimum grade in certain A-level subjects. Aspiring medics will need to have at least two science subjects, for example, and engineering course providers may state the need for A-levels in subjects such as mathematics or physics. Is it going to be a similar drill for a school leaver programme?


 What A-level subjects do I need?

Here’s the good news: The majority of school leaver programmes are actually open to students with either two or three A-levels in any subject!

This means that providing that you meet their minimum requirements, you could pursue a career in sectors such as business, finance and accounting, banking, engineering, technology or retail straight after your A-levels.

Employers tend to look for applicants with 300-320 UCAS points from their A-levels, so if you achieve this you could be in with a very good chance of a school leaver programme spot.

The fact that these programmes are welcoming of school leavers with any combination of A-level subject actually broadens your options to some extent. For example, if you’ve looked into business or accounting degrees at university, you’ll probably find that many institutions are looking for you to have studied at least one directly relevant subject at university. A school leaver programme within professional services or with an accountancy firm, however, will allow you to start working in these areas and start earning some professional qualifications straight away – regardless of which subjects you’ve studied. Good times!


Do my GCSEs matter?

Yes, to a certain extent they do. As with universities, employers who run school leaver programmes want to know that your numerical and communication abilities are up to scratch for the job. This means that they will typically look for a benchmark of at least a grade B in both mathematics and English Language.  In some instances, grade C in these subjects could be accepted, but that’s at the discretion of the employer.

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