Research Shows Employers Say Helping Young into Work is a ‘Must Do’

  • 04 Jul 2014

ICM Research has shown that a significant amount of graduate and school leaver employers believe that employers should be doing more to get people into work. 


ICM has conducted a poll with 501 employers. Of those asked, they found that 43%, over two-fifths, believe that they have a duty to help develop the next generation workforce. 35% believe that helping school leavers to develop skills for their chosen career path is part of their social responsibility.

Work experience is really important if you want to get ahead in your chosen career path – and luckily there are plenty of school leavers out there who already recognise this! In a separate ICM research poll, 68% of 1005 14- to 24-year-olds asked agreed that it’s hard to get a job without work experience.


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