Survey Shows Former Apprentices Reach the Boardroom

  • Last updated 29 Jan 2014

No, we’re not talking being called up for a grilling in Sir Alan Sugar’s office… Results from the City and Guilds Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer list show that a significant number of former apprentices are holding executive roles in certain sectors. So where are apprentices reaching the top of the pile?


The rankings – compiled annually – show that if construction is your bag then you could stand a very good chance of climbing the career ladder right up to the boardroom if you start out as an apprentice. Almost 50% of construction companies employ former apprentices in their top positions as directors.

Manufacturing and engineering, agriculture and energy apprenticeship routes are also strong school leaver options for career progression to executive levels according to results, with 43%, 33% and 33% of companies in these fields respectively hiring former apprentices for the boardroom.

There are still some misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships and their prospects as a valid pathway for career development. However, school leaver programmes and apprenticeship schemes must be structured by law, offering a salary, work experience and training to meet set standards. School leavers are highly valued by employers, and after three to five years in a particular scheme on average they are often more than ready to take on more senior roles at their training company or to branch out into further opportunities in their chosen industry.

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