How will you deal with results day?

  • Emma Finamore
  • Last updated 03 Aug 2015

This month, young people all over the country will be taking a deep breath and opening ‘that’ envelope. Whether it’s GCSEs or A-levels, how are you going to cope?


The ‘Rocky’

You’re straightforward and direct: you just want to skip all the fuss and get right to the point. Crank up ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on your iPhone, pull on some retro gym threads and race to school or college, grab that envelope and run to the top of the nearest steps. Rip open that envelope and punch the air in triumph, before you even get a chance to read it.

Even if you don’t get the results you want, you’ll feel like a total boss.

The stealth mission

You’re private and understated: you’d rather no-one even knew it was results day at all. Get up early, put on your most inconspicuous outfit and walk to school or college (alone, obviously) before it’s even open. Swoop in the second they unlock those doors, grab your envelope and dash home.

Draw the curtains and take some time to absorb those results. Alone. In the dark.

The mummy’s girl/boy

You’re someone who needs plenty of support and hand-holding. Wake up and have a comforting cuppa (maybe even breakfast – it’s a big day after all) brought to you in bed by your doting mother, along with an ego-boosting pep talk, and get driven to school. Mummy can come in and collect the envelope with you if you like, even open it for you and read out the contents to soften any blows that might be coming your way.

Whatever happens with those nasty results, you can rest assured your mummy still loves you!

The ‘strength in numbers’ method

You’re at your best when surrounded by pals, and tend to over-think stuff if left on your own for too long. You and your mates are all pretty nervous about getting those results, and you’d rather have a shoulder to cry on / grab in victory the moment you open that envelope, so meet up ‘en masse’ in the morning for a coffee and some nerve-stilling food (don’t want to get results on an empty stomach) then make your way to school or college together. Gather up all your envelopes and open them simultaneously.

There will be so many people laughing, crying, hugging, running to the nearest toilet / cliff edge, that you’ll soon forget your own worries!

…or you could just find a quiet corner, take a deep breath and open that envelope. Check out our guide for help if you didn’t get the grades you hoped for. 


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