Creative Industry Opportunities for Young Londoners

  • Last updated 14 May 2013

If you’re young and lacking in direct experience and contacts, a creative industry career can feel particularly out of reach. Opportunities feel few and far between, but there could be one answer: if you’re aged 18-24, based in London and have a flair for the creative with the gift of the gab, charitable organisation Commercial Break are running a summer project that could well be your golden ticket into a communications career. Nice! 



Following a successful first year last summer, this year the Commercial Break team are offering up to ten 18-24 year olds the chance to get stuck into producing and delivering creative material for a big name youth brand as part of a pop-up communications agency. Over an eight week period they’ll get support from a number of partner agencies, putting their creative abilities into action working to a real-life brief.

A foot in the door

Commercial break participants will get to experience the ins and outs of working in the communications industry (last year the team produced a press ad for the Ubisoft game, Zombi U), and it doesn’t stop when the project is finished: paid placements in London agencies will also be up for grabs in fields ranging from advertising and digital to PR and creative.  

James Hillhouse, co-founder and head of Commercial Break, said: “Unfortunately, there persists a general feeling that without a traditional education or the right connections, a career in the communications industry is impossible. That’s exactly the kind of thinking we want to challenge through Commercial Break. Last year we had some immensely talented young people creating some truly impressive work, and I’m excited to see what will happen this year.

“While we’re looking for young people who may have had a tough start in life for whatever reason, first and foremost we’re looking for creativity. But we’re looking for creativity in their terms – whether that’s writing stories and blogs, or graffing, videos or music.”


How do I apply?

The deadline for applications for this summer’s project is 24 May 2013. For more information you can check out the Commercial Break website.   


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