What do Young People want from Post-School Choices?


There are many factors that feed into why young people opt for certain choices, and what they want from those choices.

AllAboutSchoolLeaver research shows that the following are the top five factors that influence young people when selecting a post-school path:

Salary - 72%

Location – 67%

Area of work – 64%

Company reputation – 47%

Whether the scheme has won awards – 26%

So, they want prestigious, well-positioned, well-paid schemes, at well-regarded organisations, working in the right area. Is that so hard?!

To make things more complicated, when young people talk about the most “appealing thing about doing an apprenticeship or school leaver programme” their answers seem slightly at odds with the above. Here, they say that gaining early experience and career progression, and having the chance to study at the same time, is more important than money.

For employers, it may be a good idea to highlight all the points from above that a scheme can offer, inspiring different members of the target audience to apply.

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