Do teachers encourage apprenticeships?


Teachers and careers advisers say they “actively encourage their students to explore alternative options to university” - with 85.81% agreeing or strongly agreeing with that statement in AllAboutSchoolLeaver’s research.

A huge 98.65% teachers/careers advisers also agree or strongly agree with the statement, “I would be happy to hear from employers who offer apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and other alternatives to university”.

It is clear they do encourage apprenticeships, but also that they need help doing so. Teachers’ most popular request is for employers to offer careers talks and workshops in schools (90.3%).

They’re also keen to hear about ‘experiential’ opportunities with employers, such as work shadowing schemes for their students (88.06%) and insight events or open days at employers’ offices (79.10%).

Employers wanting to promote apprenticeships should do so through teachers and careers advisors, and offer talks, workshops and shadowing schemes to pique young peoples' interest in what they’re offering.

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