How to set up an Apprenticeship


There are several steps to setting up an apprenticeship:

1. Check the apprenticeships framework for an apprenticeship in your industry and at a suitable level - contact the National Apprenticeship Service if you need help or advice.

2. Register your interest in employing an apprentice with the National Apprenticeship Service.

3. Find a training organisation that offers apprenticeships for your industry - they’ll handle your apprentice’s training, qualification and assessment.

4. Check you’re eligible for a grant and apply.

5. Advertise your apprenticeship - your training organisation will do this for you through apprenticeship vacancies. You can track your vacancies by registering as an employer.

6. Select your apprentices and make an apprenticeship agreement with them.

Remember: You can use an apprenticeship training agency if you want to employ an apprentice without the responsibility of actually running the apprenticeship scheme.

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