High Percentage of Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs Don’t Believe They Need a Degree

  • 02 Oct 2014

A survey has revealed that 82% of school leavers not planning to go to university don’t think a university career is necessary to help them follow their ambitions of setting up their own business.


The Training Room asked a total of 1,300 school leavers for their thoughts on their career path choices. Of those asked, 82% of those not planning to go to university were still aiming to set up their own businesses one day. Almost two-thirds (62%) stated that they didn’t think that having a degree would mean they would earn more money in the long term.  

The survey also revealed that almost three quarters (70%) of those asked also believe that going straight into work and gaining experience on the job will stand them in better stead for a top career than if they were to earn a degree first.


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