Finding Employment Tops Young People’s Concerns

  • Emma Finamore
  • Last updated 09 Oct 2018

According to research by the Association of Accounting Technicians, it’s finding a job not romance that is of the biggest concern for young people. Their ‘Future Plans’ survey asked 16-18 year olds across the UK about their thoughts on their future. Results showed the majority (37%) were most worried about finding work, followed by having enough money (25%), finding their life partner (13%) and being in debt (12%).


79% of respondents said they planned to go to university, believing it to be the best route to a job. What 61% didn’t know, was that tuition fees for university could amount to £27,000. This follows research released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) that over a third of graduates from the 2010/2011 cohort are unemployed or underemployed, working in roles for which a degree is not necessary.

Whilst university should hardly be discounted, the AAT are urging school leavers to consider other options as well, such as vocational education and apprenticeships as a way to secure employment, gain experience and a qualification.   

AAT Chief Executive Jane Scott Paul said: “Apprenticeships are proving to be a viable option for young people looking to secure long term employment and improve their future career prospects. In the case of accountancy, following this route into the profession means a school leaver can become chartered much quicker than a university graduate – at little or very often no cost to themselves.”

She added, “Young people must be informed of these choices so they become aware that university is not the only way to establish a career.” 


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