Even People Working at Oxford University think Fees aren’t worth it

  • Last updated 17 Jan 2018

A bursar at the University of Oxford believes the cost of a British university degree is not worth it for many students, and says the higher education industry over-charges its customers like any other business.


The cost of a British university degree is not worth it because many students won't be able to repay their debt, the bursar of New College, Oxford, will say in a speech later this week.

David Palfreyman, who is also the director of the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, will say the higher education sector has operated like any other business looking to over-charge its customers.

In a speech seen by The TelegraphDavid will say the higher education industry “collectively and cynically been maxing out on £9,000 tuition fees, as indeed any business would given half the chance to over-charge".

During a debate on the value of a university degree on Wednesday, David will add: “So, answering the exam question: the cost of a degree - is it worth it? No, not in financial terms as value-for-money for around half of graduates.”

In fact, research suggests that roughly 50 per cent of each pound loaned out will be written-off anyway, as students won’t be able to repay it. If you like the sound of a degree, but not the huge repayments, check out Degree Apprenticeships - they might just be the pathway for you!

Last month, Ed Milliband joined the university fees debate as part of Labour’s election campaign, pledging to reduce the maximum universities can charge per year to £6,000. 


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