How to convert A-level results to UCAS points


If your child using their A-levels to go to university and they hold a conditional offer, it’s likely they will have to achieve a certain number of UCAS points in order to take up the place.

Here’s how to convert your child’s A-level results into UCAS points:

A-levels/UCAS points

A* = 140

A = 120

B = 100

C = 80

D = 60

E = 40

AS-levels/UCAS points

A= 60

B = 50

C = 40

D = 30

E  = 20

If an AS and A-level has been taken in the same subject, the AS points should not be added to the A-level ones: simply count them from the highest level you have achieved.

Not all universities or colleges use the UCAS points system to determine entry, but will simply specify which grades they require you to achieve, often in specific subjects.

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