Survey Suggests More Action Needed for University Alternatives Awareness

  • 05 Nov 2014

If you’re here with us on, then you’re certainly in the right place for all things options! But the trendence School Leaver Barameter survey 2014 shows that more needs to be done in schools overall to spread the word of alternative options to university.


The survey quizzed 7,000 students between the ages of ten and 13 on what they thought of their experiences of careers advice and their career options and possible routes once they’ve finished school.

68% of male and 82% of female students stated that they planned to go to university, whilst only one per cent said that they intended to take on a school leaver programme.

University is still a good option, however there’s never been a better time to make a decision about a route into a career. Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes are on the up, providing valid routes into work with opportunities to gain professional qualifications and avoid student debt.

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