Sports & Fitness

The sports and fitness sector offers a wide range of careers, from those playing professional sports to those teaching classes at the gym. 

Every sport in the world depends on the sportsmen and sportswomen who actually compete, but there is a complex support infrastructure behind the scenes that makes it all happen. Every single area of sport and recreation requires a wealth staff, including coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, sports agents and referees.

Training jobs

Every event or training session needs a venue, and these venues need staff. From local rugby tournaments to major international events, ground staff, stewards and ticket vendors are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Some health and fitness trainers work as freelancers, whilst others will work for a particular gym or health studio. Those training individuals are able to personalise training programmes to fit their clients’ needs. They also run health and fitness screening sessions before starting programme with clients, this involves understanding a client’s medical and fitness history, their current fitness level and where they want to be. Health and fitness trainers also offer both group exercise sessions, usually at gyms.

Coaching & sports management jobs

Sport coaches and sports management staff work with professional athletes and amateur sportspeople to help them refine their talent through training sessions and preparing them for sporting events, matches and competitions. They take individuals or teams of people under their wing and provide them with guidance and inspiration so that they can perform at the best of their ability and achieve success in their sport of choice.

Coaching roles involve teaching new techniques, studying the opposition and working with the management team to plan for the next event. The management team plan like mad for the event, prepare tactics and strategies and offer advice and instructions during the actual performance. Those going into the management side of the sports and fitness industry need to be able to adapt to various different performance factors and have a number of game plans up your sleeve.

Fitness & diet jobs

Medical and physical therapy staff and health and fitness training staff work tend to help out more on the fitness and diet side of things, rather than focusing their efforts on technique and performance. Other roles in this sector include sports development, competition and event management, and sports facilities management. 

Sport & fitness apprenticeships 

School leavers can access this industry via apprenticeships, such as Intermediate Apprenticeships in roles like diving coach, water polo coach, community sports coach, swimming coach and club coach/instructor; and fitness instructor/gym instructor, recreation assistant and leisure centre assistant. 

There are Advanced Apprenticeships in roles like senior coach, fitness coach and club coach, community sports development officer, sports specific development officer, and personal trainer.

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