How much do Graduates earn?


This obviously varies from case to case, but even though it’s very difficult to predict how much a graduate will earn it is possible to look at research and take an informed guess.

Research from 2015 showed that graduate starting salaries at the UK is, on average, £28,000.

A quarter of top graduate programmes l pay new recruits more than £35,000 when they start work, and ten organisations are offering at least £40,000 to graduates.

The most generous salaries in 2015 are those on offer from investment banks (on average £31,250), law firms (£37,000), banking and finance firms (£31,250) and oil and energy companies (£26,750).

The Sunday Times’ latest ‘Good University Guide’ has listed universities and the average starting salary for their graduates. Here is the top ten:

  1. Imperial - £29,198
  2. LSE - £27,966
  3. Cambridge - £26,572
  4. Oxford - £25,974
  5. Bath - £24,783
  6. UCL -  £24,647
  7. Kings College London - £24,247
  8. Buckingham - £24,175
  9. Warwick - £23,742
  10. Bristol - £23,419

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