Drivers Apprenticeship Programme

  • Employer ALDI
  • Job type Advanced Apprenticeships
  • Salary £267 per week
  • Deadline 30/11/-0001

  • Entry requirements GCSEs
  • Locations Nationwide
  • Qualifications gained Professional Qualification
  • Date published 24/01/2019

To get on the Drivers Apprenticeship at Aldi, you’ve got to be pretty good behind the wheel. (After all, you do need a full and clean UK Driving licence.) But we’re also just as interested in how driven you are. Because to really succeed, you have to grab every opportunity that comes your way. If you do, you’ll get some of the best people in the industry teaching you, and be well on your way to starting a career packed with rewarding moments. We have great camaraderie here, and give our people (yep, even our apprentices) bags of responsibility. But if you like that, then you’ll fit right in. And if all’s gone well, you’ll have a Category C + E licence at the end of the year, and be offered permanent role in Aldi.

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