British Gas Work Experience

  • Employer British Gas
  • Job type Work Experience
  • Salary N/A
  • Deadline Ongoing
  • Entry requirements N/A
  • Locations Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Stockport, Staines, Edinburgh and Glasgow/Uddingston
  • Qualifications gained N/A
  • Date published 04/04/2019

We’re offering two free, action-packed weeks of skills training, in partnership with Movement to Work, to build self-confidence and help prepare young people for work. We will give you the experience you need so you can get the job you deserve!

The duration of the work experience is generally 2 weeks and during the work experience at British Gas/Scottish Gas, you will gain an awareness of our products & services and have an opportunity to spend some time with a customer services team, plus shadow engineers installing and servicing heating products and energy systems. All participants will leave armed with work experience stories to use for future employment opportunities, either with Centrica or elsewhere.

What the work experience will include?

1. Site based work experience


Call listening

Engineer visits

Facilities management (site H&S)



2. Volunteering

Planned local activities


3. Key skills development

Centrica overview

Workplace behaviours




4. Recruitment skills

Presentation skills

Telephone interviews



No qualification's required. Age range for the work experience programme is 16-30. For all programmes you must not be in full time employment, education or training,  with no unspent criminal convictions.

The process starts with registering for a taster day where you meet some of our team, find out more about the programme and we find out more about you. At the taster day, we will select a number of people to join the 2- week programme.

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