Prime Work Experience

  • Employer CMS UK
  • Job type Internships
  • Salary Your travel and food expenses will be covered.
  • Deadline Ongoing
  • Entry requirements A-levels (or equivalent)
  • Locations London, Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.
  • Qualifications gained N/A
  • Date published 09/09/2021

We offer work experience opportunities to school/college students who may not previously have had

the option and introduce them to the law and our practice areas. 

As a founding member of PRIME – an alliance between law firms across the UK aimed at improving access to legal professions – we’re focused on helping students to propel their law careers forward. You’ll have the chance to develop your employability skills, to connect with other students and explore the possibilities a future in law could offer you.

Getting you up close and personal with our lawyers and support staff, this programme gives you the experience you truly need. We’ll open your mind up to all the possibilities by showing you what legal practice and support roles are all about. It includes:

First-class training

Learn and develop the skills that employers find desirable.

Our full support

30-35 hours of contact time per student on a programme that provides insight and inspiration.

A solid connection

Helping you stay in touch with the firm following your work experience programme.


 In order to apply to a PRIME work placement, you must meet the following qualifying criteria: 

- You’re attending, and have attended from aged 11, a state-funded, non-fee-paying school/college. 

- You grew up in a household where no parent or guardian attended University.

You must also meet one or more of the following: 

– You are currently in receipt of, or have previously received, free school meals, Pupil Premium, Education Maintenance Allowance and/or 16 to 19 Bursary

– You have been, or are currently, in local authority care (for a period of 3 months or longer)

– You are, or have been, a full-time or part-time carer

– You came to the UK as a refugee or asylum seeker

– You are attending a state school or college with:

a) below average A-Level or Higher point score and/or

b) low rate of progression to higher education.

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