Stores Apprenticeship

  • Employer ALDI
  • Job type Advanced Apprenticeships
  • Salary £305 per week
  • Deadline 30/11/-0001

  • Entry requirements GCSEs
  • Locations Nationwide
  • Qualifications gained Professional Qualification
  • Date published 24/01/2019

Pop into an Aldi store, and you won’t see any dilly-dallying. Our people know what needs to be done, and they just get on and do it. It’s simple really, but it does take lots of drive. But if you’ve got that, our Stores Apprenticeship won’t just give you a great start to your career - it’ll put you on the right road to success. And if you combine hard work, ambition and an ability to apply yourself to any challenge, you could make it all the way to Store Management.

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