Weapons System Operator

  • Employer Royal Air Force
  • Job type Intermediate Apprenticeships
  • Salary During training= £15,200 + (& Benefits) Initial pay after training= £32,700+ (& Benefits)
  • Deadline Ongoing
  • Entry requirements GCSEs
  • Locations Worldwide
  • Qualifications gained N/A
  • Date published 14/11/2018

Do you want to work on the front line of defence for the RAF? Do you want to be responsible for the operation and control of aircraft systems, whilst using your skills to gather intelligence and support troops on the ground? 
As a Weapons System Operator, you will have the unique opportunity to work on board aircrafts and will receive specialist training enabling you to perform to the best of your ability. There are three specialist roles you could go into:

Support Helicopter (SH) crewman: Operating alongside the aircraft pilots , managing troops and cargo, assisting with aircraft navigation and protecting the aircraft through operation of the weapon systems.

Air Mobility (AM) crewman: looking after troops and cargo going all over the world, ensuring compliance with international aviation regulations, monitoring air-to-air refuelling systems, and dispatching troops and cargo for airborne delivery.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR): responsible for the radar and surveillance systems, and operating cutting-edge technology on the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft in service with the RAF.

There is no other career as exciting as this, you will have the opportunity to make life-long friends and travel the globe as part of your day job. Flying will become your life as you play a vital role in protecting the security of the UK and our allies. 

-Be aged 17.5 - 32 years of age
-GCSE grade C / 4 or above in; English language, Maths and three other subjects
-UK citizen or dual/UK holder 
-Pass the Officer and Aircrew selection centre
-Health requirements: BMI and Eye sight checks
-Fitness requirements: 2.4km run, Multi-stage fitness test, Press-up & Sit-ups

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