University Information

University is a great choice for a lot of people, and chances are many of your students are at least considering it as their next move when they leave school. As well as the infamously great social life and helping young people make that first step in moving away from home, a university education is respected the world-over and is a prerequisite for many jobs.

However, the university route comes at an infamously steep price. Most full-time university students need a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan, to help pay for living costs at university. These are added together to give the total amount of debt.

Traditional university degrees also offer a very broad choice of subjects, compared with Degree Apprenticeships or school leaver programmes (alternatives that offer the same level of qualification) – basically any subject your students could be interested in will be catered for at university. Some people will also want to fully immerse themselves in academic study at university, and explore in-depth theoretical ideas and analytical thinking, without the work experience element that is a big part of a Degree Apprenticeship or a school leaver programme, which of course means a traditional university degree will be more suited to them.

University is something that many people (and their parents) aspire to, and for good reason; so check out the rest of our university advice pages to help you give them the best support you can, including information on Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships – which are great, paid alternatives to higher education – and practical guides on how your students can navigate the UCAS Clearing process if they need to.


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