Vocational Qualifications in Demand Over Next Ten Years

  • Last updated 10 Jun 2014

3.6 million extra jobs by 2022 look set to benefit those who did an Advanced Apprenticeship or school leaver programme.


The UK job market is set to change as 3.6 million skilled vacancies open up over the next ten years. By 2022, the additional vacancies in mid-skilled occupations will benefit those who underwent an Advanced Apprenticeships or school leaver programme.

The report from the Institute of Public Policy Research also found that the skills required for 90% of the most in-demand occupations by 2022 can be gained through completing vocational qualifications, meaning that getting a degree is by no means the only option when it comes to securing a job.

For example, the ageing population means 2.75 million more people will be required to look after people in hospitals, care homes and the community. Additionally, half a million people will be needed for the skilled construction works, such as bricklaying and plumbing.

Jan Hodges OBE, CEO of the independent education charity the Edge Foundation which leads VQ Day, said, “This research clearly demonstrates that we must continue to support high quality vocational education if we are to meet the needs of our future economy.”


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