Conveyancing Technician

Conveyancing Technicians work under the direct supervision of an Authorised Person, a qualified individual authorised by an Approved Regulator to carry on reserved legal activities e.g. a Licensed Conveyancer; a Solicitor; a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. The role of a Conveyancing Technician is to support the fee earning activities of a principal Licensed Conveyancer by working on a brief defined by the supervisor to action legal procedures related to conveyancing transactions. It is an entry level role into the industry and is suitable for candidates of all ages; including those experienced and new to the sector with no legal qualifications. Meeting the competency standard of the apprenticeship will enable the successful apprentice to apply for voluntary registration in order to carry out conveyancing procedures under the supervision of an Authorised Person. 


To be able to deal with non-complex Conveyancing transactions candidates will need to demonstrate they have the foundation knowledge and skills, and are competent to apply these using the values and behaviours of a qualified Conveyancing Technician. On the successful completion of the Apprenticeship you will:

  • be able to provide a recognised professional level of support in a legal office environment;
  • be able to use appropriate legal methods to research, request, complete and submit legal forms;
  • be able to manage legal files and effectively use client case management and accounting systems;
  • be confident to handle and deal with client(s) and third party(s) enquiries;
  • be proficient at building professional third party relationships;
  • know how to operate effectively in a team contributing to ideas as well as towards business targets.


Apprentices will be required to complete recognised CLC academic qualifications which will be subject to amendment at the Council’s discretion. 


Commercial awareness – You will work with an awareness and knowledge of the market place in which the business operates demonstrating your ability to work efficiently.

Customer service – You will proactively build and effectively maintain internal and external professional relationships.

Problem solving – You will use your own initiative to complete any activities defined in your brief in an appropriate timescale, demonstrating your ability to manage the client(s) and supervisor(s) expectations.

Critical thinking – you will be able to manage a standard transaction(s) using the appropriate legal methods to research, develop and formulate actions. 


Minimum 1 year. Candidates new to the sector with no previous legal qualifications may take up to 3 years to complete the Apprenticeship. Candidates with previous legal experience may complete the Apprenticeship within 1 to 2 years. 

Professional Qualifications / Recognition

Successful Apprentices will hold a formally recognised qualification at Level 4 relevant to their work as a Conveyancing Technician. 

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