Building Services Engineering Technician

The occupation covered by this standard is Building Services Engineering Technician and typical job titles can include: Assistant Project Engineer, Assistant Engineer or Building Services Site Technician. In the case of SME building services engineering specialist contractors the roles are likely to include Assistant Project Managers, Project Managers and Site Managers. They are associated with the supervision of the installation’ commissioning or servicing of environmental technologies on construction projects and are based on construction sites with occasional time in offices.

The main duties and tasks of a Building Services Engineering Technician are:

  • Supervision of the installation of environmental technologies into buildings
  • Assisting design teams with building services engineering solutions on construction projects
  • Supervision of specialist contractors
  • Control of health and safety on construction projects
  • Recording, control and reporting of progress on a construction project
  • Minimisation of the environmental impact of construction projects
  • Control the quality of works on a construction project
  • Ensure compliance with contractual conditions on a project


  • Identify risk of activities and encourage all employees to demonstrate safety conscious behaviours
  • Assess, identify and record the environmental impact of projects
  • Assist in the implementation of the most appropriate solutions for building services projects
  • Use effective management principles and be able to supervise building services workers, ensuring adherence to contractual condition
  • Work Understand overall plan for project and measure and record progress against plan
  • Assess and report on quality standards and assist in commissioning of finished building services project.


  • Understand the principles and responsibilities imposed law and other regulations in a building services environment
  • Understand the sustainability issues in projects across economic, social and environmental aspects
  • Understand engineering techniques, procedures and methods and the principles of design
  • Understand management principles and the project management lifecycle and the contractual conditions on a project
  • Understand the importance of project planning and resourcing and be able to analyse different techniques
  • Able to define the quality required and the commissioning process on a finished building services project


  • Be able to work within own level of competence and know when to seek advice from others
  • Work within Rules and Regulations of Professional Competence and Conduct for the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
  • Identify own development needs and take action to meet those needs. Use own knowledge and expertise to help others when requested.
  • Understand the importance of equality and diversity and demonstrate these attributes so as to meet the requirements of fairness at work.
  • Be able to contribute effectively to meetings and present information in a variety of ways including oral and written.
  • Be able to work with others in a collaborative and non-confrontational way.
  • Be able to identify areas for improvement and suggest innovative solutions.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will determine their own entry requirements, but the typical entry requirements for this Apprenticeship will be five GCSEs or equivalent, including Maths, English and a Science; or a Level 2 Apprenticeship.


The typical duration for this Apprenticeship is three years but this will depend upon the previous experience of the apprentice and access to opportunities to gain the full range of competence.

Professional Qualifications / Recognition

This is a Level 4 apprenticeship.

The following qualification will be gained: A Level 4 qualification in Construction and Built Environment that meets the knowledge requirements of the standard and is approved by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers as meeting the educational requirements for EngTech LCIBSE.

English and Maths at Level 3 will need to be achieved before taking the end point assessment and will form part of the Level 4 qualification.

This Apprenticeship will include the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to achieve Technician status with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (EngTech LCIBSE). The Technician Professional Review process for EngTech LCIBSE is included in the end-point assessment process for this Apprenticeship and will lead to the designatory letters EngTech LCIBSE and the status of Engineering Technician.

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