Automotive Glazing Technician

Occupation overview

Repairing and replacing windscreens on vehicles

Overview of the occupation

An Auto Glazing Technician repairs and replaces windscreens in the full range of automotive vehicles on the road today. All new entrants to this occupation will be required to gain a basic understanding of glass knowledge, skills and behaviour before moving into advanced techniques to ensure all vehicles are worked on safely. With advances in vehicle safety through Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) being integrated into the vehicle windscreen: technicians need a high level of technical knowledge on vehicle mechanical, electrical and trim systems and the relationship they have with the windscreen in the control of the vehicle. Auto Glazing Technicians need to have a full understanding of business operations within the industry and their own role within the business to support excellent customer service. Technicians could be employed in a range of different situations including National Windscreen Companies, Independent Windscreen Companies, Body Repair Shops and Main Franchise Dealerships. Depending upon the complexity of the repair situation; they could be operating from a fully equipped workshop or a fully equipped service vehicle completing the repair replacement at the customer’s premises. A fully trained Mobile Technician will need to have a current driving licence and can expect to work on a roster including some weekends.

Skills to:

  • Correctly identify the customer’s vehicle and assess the glazing installation to identify and confirm the requirements of the repair or replacement in line with job specification or technicians diagnosis
  • Be able to prepare the vehicle and site to ensure damages to people, vehicle and materials are minimised
  • Be able to correctly record information on the preparation of the work site and vehicle and that the correct equipment and materials including replacement glass are prepared and ready for use
  • Correctly remove existing glass and other components and materials using the most appropriate method and store removed components and materials correctly
  • Prepare the aperture to receive replacement glazing products
  • Replace or repair the vehicle glazing to correct specification
  • Identify discrepancies between the completed work and specifications and agree actions with the customer and correctly record information on hand over to customer
  • During handover fully explain to the customer the need for the vehicle not to be used during the curing period for adhesives
  • Interpret data and diagnose faults in the vehicle ADAS system and windscreens using a full range of diagnostic equipment connected through the OBD port to access vehicle Can Bus System
  • To remove and replace components on vehicles with different power and transmission systems including Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Technology in line with authorised repair schedules when related to the glazingrepair
  • Identify and order the correct Auto Glazing products and materials to specifications
  • Remove and replace Auto Glazing components on vehicles according to approved work methods
  • Set up, calibrate and test vehicle ADAS systems to specifications following repair in dynamic and staticsituations
  • Prioritise own work to meet the needs of the business and the customer
  • Manage communications with customers and colleagues to ensure that all information is obtained in identification of repair or activity so that it manages customer expectations and supports customer to a satisfactory repair outcome
  • To have a responsibility to use all systems involved in business operations including payment systems and adhere to company procedures by maintaining all records in order to provide efficient running of the business when doing so
  • Mentor inexperienced and junior staff when the role requires
  • Lead on Health and Safety within the organisation including the safety of colleagues, customers and self
  • Ensure that all surplus materials or debris are removed from the vehicle and work site and disposed of correctly
  • How to provide risk assessments for each repair situation paying particular attention to special considerations regards to traffic management and hybrid vehicles

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • Methods of automotive glazing construction including: laminated and toughened glass, polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers, solar control glass recognising how they behave on impact and how the different types of glass can be processed for repair after manufacture
  • The different terminology used in glazing system such as glass identification markings, direct glazing, heated screens (front or rear), integral antennas, hydrophobic coating understanding their properties and repair procedure and precautions
  • The types of problem that can occur in the replacement of fixed and opening automotive glass and how these problems can be overcome
  • Relevant evolving technologies, current Vehicle ADAS systems, mechanical, electrical and trim systems including diagnostic and calibration
  • Why it is important to be aware of airbags, how to identify their presence and what precautions need to be taken when working near them
  • Vehicle power and transmission systems including Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Codes of practice relating to the replacement of auto glazing systems
  • How to access and interpret technical data sheets
  • Why it is important to identify correctly the zone where the damage lies and how this affects the feasibility of repair and the types of action that can be taken to rectify windscreen damage.
  • Methods by which glass can be fitted to a vehicle, how to check suitability of the automotive glass against vehicle and job specification
  • Specific terminology and technology used in glazing on vehicle doors including types of membranes used on the inside of doors, glazing regulator and retaining mechanisms, and identification of reset procedures for door glazing systems
  • The minimum amount of time required after installation before the vehicle can be driven
  • How to Connect to OBD port in vehicles to access Can Bus system and recognise appropriate Diagnostic and calibration processes and the range of equipment used to diagnose and calibrate vehicles in static and dynamic situations
  • The types of tools and equipment used in automotive glazing at what they are used for
  • Other Auto Glazing materials, their application and characteristics including windscreen resins and urethanes
  • How the Auto Glazing industry operates and their own contribution to the business objectives
  • The full customer journey and providing excellent customer service in line with company values
  • The use of customer relationship management systems, payment systems, stock control systems and other technologies used in the business operation
  • Health and safety at work including: safety acts, regulations, guidelines, risk assessment, hazard and risk identification, safe working practices and accident and emergency procedures that will enable the technician to manage health and safety within the business and their own role
  • The sectors responsibilities to operate in sustainable way to protect the environment

Behaviours in the workplace:

  • To lead on and consistently demonstrate safe working practices at all times
  • To act professionally providing excellent customer service in line with organisations values and always applythese
  • To consistently operate at the highest standards of workmanship
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude to work through good time keeping, personal presentation and a diligence in their duties
  • To work independently whilst using their own initiative in all situations
  • Operate as an effective team member taking responsibility for their own actions and support others in theteam
  • A willingness to learn new things and keep up with advances in technology
  • Work consistently to achieve personal performance indicators that contribute to achieve desired companyperformance.
  • Undertake own actions to achieve statutory regulations in relation to environmental sustainability

 Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for applicants to the industry.  Employers will be looking for candidates with experience or an interest in the industry, who can work on their own initiative demonstrating manual dexterity combined with good customer service skills.


Apprentices without Level 2 English and Maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking the endpoint assessment.


An Auto Glazing Technician Apprenticeship would typically take three years to complete.


The Apprenticeship Standard is Level 3

Review date

The Apprenticeship Standard will be reviewed after 3 years due to the rapid advances in technology facing the sector currently.

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