Engineering -Degree Apprenticeship Schemes

  • Employer Severn Trent Water
  • Job type Higher Apprenticeships
  • Salary Competitive
  • Deadline 30/11/-0001

  • Entry requirements GCSEs
  • Locations CoventryDerby
  • Qualifications gained Professional Qualification
  • Date published 31/05/2019

Build a lasting legacy

This is an opportunity to join our Capital Design and Delivery teams and develop solutions that will shape the future of the water industry. We have big ambitions for our network, so you’ll be part of large-scale transformation projects from start to finish. For motivated Apprentices with ambitious goals, the technical challenge and scope for progression through these Apprenticeships is something to get really excited about.

What you'll be doing

Engineering -Civil, Electrical or Mechanical (Based in Coventry or Derby)

Working with engineering teams on a diverse range of projects, this is an opportunity to do work of huge size and scope, developing new construction techniques and systems that will impact our entire customer base. And because we look for cost-effective solutions, this is opportunity chance for the most creative Engineers to showcase their talent and commercial eye.

If you’re building new pipes for our network you could be creating a model from scratch, installing data loggers, testing and refining your ideas, and making a business case for those solutions. You may even present them to the CEO. Building relationships with councils and landowners is part of the challenge – seeing your designs being used by thousands of people (or even the business as a whole) is the reward. If you’re someone who thinks differently and wants to create a lasting impact, this programme is perfect for you.  

How we'll support you

1. Induction event: A two-week induction designed to introduce you to our business, show you how we work and help you get the best.

2. An Apprentice buddy: Someone to share your experiences with and support you in achieving your ambitions.

3. Regular performance reviews with your manager: Bi-annual reviews to help you outline clearly-defined goals and measure how you’re developing against them.

4. National Qualifications: We’ll also help you to pursue nationally recognised qualifications.

Training and Development 

This is a Level 6 Degree programme.  

Your operational rotation placements on this scheme focus on developing the key skills and experience that you’ll require to be a technical expert here, either through working in operational teams or on some of our key projects. This will allow you to combine on-the-job learning with formal, nationally recognised development training modules.

You’ll also be given a Personal Development Plan, to help you drive and own your career progression. This will be set and agreed with your line manager and reviewed regularly to inform quarterly performance reviews.

Wonderful for all 

We’re building an inclusive company.We’ve created a culture that encourages all of our people to think of every single day as an opportunity to do something better. 

Our most ambitious goals depend on forward-thinking ideas, no matter who they come from. As employers, we welcome people from all walks of life and promote diversity and inclusion.

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