Ford Motor Company

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This is your chance to join Ford Motor Company, one of the World's largest motor manufacturers and one of the biggest manufacturing and research and development companies in the UK, with operations capacity to produce over two million engines.

Our Manufacturing team is at the heart of our business, ensuring our plants and facilities around the world produce vehicles and engines that are green, safe, smart and best in class.


School leaver opportunities

Ford currently do not offer a School Leaver Programme. They offer a range of apprenticeships, though. Check out the Apprenticeships tab for more details.


Electrify your future with a Ford apprenticeship. Ford Motor Company are offering some exciting apprenticeship opportunities: Advanced Engineering, Higher Engineering, and IT Degree apprenticeships.

Salary & benefits

Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship: £12,499

Higher Engineering Apprenticeship: £21,479

IT Degree Apprenticeship: £21,479



Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship:    

A minimum of 3 GCSE grades*

* Must include Maths at grade B (Level 5/6).

English (Literature or Language) at grade C (Level 4).

Physics (or Double Science) at grade C (Level 4).

Higher Engineering Apprenticship:    

A minimum of 5 GCSE grades*

*Must include a grade B (Level 5/6) in English, Maths, and Physics or Double Science.

3 A Levels at BBC or higher (or equivalent) predicted or achieved*

*Must include a B in maths and one other STEM subject (Science, Technology or Engineering).

*Must equal 112 UCAS points. 

IT Degree Apprenticeship:    

A minimum of 5 GCSE grades*

*including grade B (Level 5/6) in English, Maths, and Physics or Double Science.

3 A Levels or equivalent at BCC (equal to 104 UCAS points)*including 

*Including a Science or Technology related subject.


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